Alice à la carte

Alice à la carte is a catering service for private dinner parties.  Clients can have guests over for a delicious home cooked, stress-free supper, which is personally tailored to their tastes- their menu. Cooking homemade food for big groups of people is notoriously known as my favourite thing to do; sadly I cannot sustain hosting dinner parties all the time, but what better way to practice and promote home cooking than to do it for a living!

Make the most of your beautiful homes this cold winter and have guests over for a cosy but elegant dinner party where you can chose your own cuisine and alcohol to match, making a longer and more affordable night of it.

Contact me to select a date and arrange a initial consultation in which we will work to design a menu fitting the number of guests, desired cuisine and the practicalities of your kitchen.  If desired, I can purchase the ingredients from an agreed source and budget.  I will then meticulously plan the preparation of the food, preparing what I can prior to the event.  Depending on timings and complexity, I will begin cooking the menu in your kitchen on the day of the dinner party, having each course ready for the time you prefer. I will be there to serve and wash up throughout the evening. Hassle free and made with a smile.

Price will range according to the effort put into the cooking and can be agreed in the consultation. You can go about hiring me by filling out the contact form on this blog.

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