Bristol’s gem de la gem

I’m getting ready. I’m going back! I’m already drooling. Just to hype up my excitement for my imminent removal from Sevenoaks and re-establishment back in Bristol, I’ve cobbled together a few of my food-faves which I’ll be making a beeline for in a few weeks. I’ll also throw in a list of places which I’m dying to go to but haven’t made it yet for monetary and timing reasons.

The Gallimaufry 

Will always hold a special place in my heart. I have been here for my birthday two years running, and even took my family here after Graduation. As the name would suggest, it is a wonderfully eclectic harmony of ingenious food, a cool bar, a live music venue, and an arts space; they even serve brunch! Their ever changing, seasonal menu features ‘Galli Plates’ – perfect for sampling everything on the menu in a highly fashionable tapas style way.  Eat downstairs, if you book or get there early enough, and enjoy live entertainment every day of the week! The decor is incredible, local artists have created an explosion of colour in truly eye-catching Stokes Croft fashion. They invest a lot of time in their decor, if you’ve been recently you’ll have noticed their latest instalment ‘Galli Cosmos’ covering the ceiling. The Gallimaufry. 




Asado popped up at a highly convenient time: when I was living right around the corner. This family-run burger joint serves up the juiciest, most lascivious burgers known to man. I’m not normally prone to eating my meat pink, but I can juuust about deal when chowing down on their lamb, pomegranate, pickled red cabbage and taziki special.  Don’t scrimp on the sides, they are bold and delicious (arrive hungry). The interior is trendy, the art is funky, the bar is alluring and the service is very friendly – you will not be disappointed. Just like all top notch places these days, they pride themselves in serving local, ethically sourced meat cooked over a wood-fired ‘asado’ grill. I’m very intrigued. Asado.


Bell’s Diner

On the coolest street in town, Bell’s Diner has been around for donkeys years. They specialise in Mediterranean flavours, simply put together in beautiful tapas dishes. Thanks to the small, seasonal menu it’s easy to get a taste of everything! Perfect place to go if you want to treat yourself to something special without totally breaking the bank. The whole affair is very classy, from the decor to the drinks. Last time I was there I could have a peek into the kitchen from our table, cue more cheffing fantasies. Bell’s.



Souk Kitchen

Where would I be without Souk Kitchen? At the beginning of my Middle Eastern obsession, I finally went to the one in Clifton for lunch with an old friend, having always been intrigued by the vibrant murals, rustic tables and the glass front. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a look around the kitchen – endless shelves of spices, bottles and jars with exotic names. The menu is unreal, it’s almost impossible to order – especially after you notice the specials board. Their mezze is divine, we always order loads and share mains (the portions are very generous). Definitely worth a visit in either Southville of Clifton! Take a wild guess at the name of whatever you’re ordering, it’ll be delicious. Souk Kitchen. 




This is more than just a loyalty thing, knowing it from the inside just makes me love it even more. An enormous amount of work and attention goes on behind the scenes for everything that they make. The mouth-watering display of cakes is so beautiful that you could believe you’re looking into the window of a German bakery. The ‘casual dining’ atmosphere is perfect for both a party or a chilled out date, and the price is forgiving- they totally undercut all the other high-grade pizza restaurants in town. Better still you can watch the talented chefs hard at work in ‘the cage’ as you eat. Prepare for bedlam on a Saturday morning, brunch service is rammed, but the Shakshuka is worth it! A nod to their pizza competitors: Flour and Ash (great name by the way) and Bertha’s both have incredible menus, but they’re slightly more pricey, and Pi Shop is both pricey and lacking in character. Pinkmans.




A hidden gem if ever I saw one. Again, used to be round the corner from one of our student houses. Tiny American-style brunch spot tucked away on the edge of Clifton (near the train station). I love how light and fresh it feels, perfect for an iced coffee summer hangover cure. They do some cracking South American specials, but my go to is the goats cheese smashed avo on sourdough, or the sweet potato hash with some Nutella toast on the side. Make sure you don’t miss them, they close early! Mockingbird.


  • Root
  • Box-E
  • Birch
  • The Cauldron
  • Jamaica Street Stores
  • Pasta Loco
  • Pizzarova
  • Paco Tapas

Oh my God I am soooo hungry!!!

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