Chili Con Veduras

Summer or winter, rain or shine, veg chilli is the perfect dinner party dish. Whack it straight on the table and let people help themselves, you can even make it the day before – it’ll taste even better. Whether you’re doing meal prep, or cooking for 6, it’s a tasty, healthy, cheap and easy option….

Why Veg Boxes Rule

Wanna know what I get most excited about? Each week I count down the days until Wednesday morning – when our veg box gets delivered. I’m aware that sounds a bit strange, but I am abnormally obsessed by food in general. The night before is spent postulating over which mud-covered delights will arrive on my…

Dinner Party Diaries

I got very stuck writing this one. Chef life leaves little room for exercising the mind and as I’ve slacked off my usual reading and writing habits, my brain is turning to mush.  Weirdly, as I develop skills which would help immensely in catering, the frequency that I throw dinner parties has also dropped dramatically….

Autumnal Italian Soup

Since receiving a gift of Five Quarters – Guardian food writer Rachel Roddy’s Italian cookbook – I have enjoyed exploring the beautiful simplicity of traditional Roman cuisine.  The detail and knowledge in her prose draws you into her kitchen in Testaccio, colourfully opening up the foundations of Italian cooking. Nourishing soups make it effortless to be both seasonal and healthy; simple recurring…